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I just gotta say..... - That girl you judged. [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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I just gotta say..... [Dec. 1st, 2009|11:07 am]
[Current Music |Shania Twain - You've got a way]

I swear, Im slowly becoming like one of those corporate zombies at work. You know, the kinds where you see on the trains or buses with their sullen faces and their tired shoulders looking like they're just going through everyday life with no meaning. Yeap, those kind. :( I think its quite scary. My conversations with people are becoming like " How are you? ', " Hows work? " The mundane questions typically asked. Its so limited. Depressing. The only time I do actually get to be myself is when Im with the girlies Char & Zura. Other than that, nothing much. Ah yes, and I have X2 trainings the next 2 weeks and boy am I dreading it. LOL. I keep hearing the same things over and over again. Thank god Im not the one training the people. Im just sitting there and showing off the phone functions. Hehe. Work wise so far so good. I always hope for the weekends. DAMN, how i love weekends since I started working!

Oh yes, I caught "New Moon" last week. OMG OMG OMGGGGG. Shrieking away like a little girl whenever either of the two hotties came on screen! Taylor Lautner is superbly HOT! ( The werewolf in the show. ) Everyday as I walk past the pillars of Dhoby Ghaut station, there he is, plastered on the walls. Ahhh. :) JESUS CHRIST! Can anyone get any hotter than him? -gushes- :) I think im quite disgusting really. Im literally lusting over a 17 year old kid. Hahahaha. Not like I care anyway! :P People! Please go and watch "New Moon" Though I agree to a small extent that the action scenes as compared to "Twilight" werent as good... but still! You get to see Robert Pattison and Taylour Lautner ( AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! :DDDDD ) shirtless and seriously Taylor's body is MAGNIFICO! Hehehe. -pervert grin-

Oh yeah and I got flashed on MSN by a complete stranger recently too! NEH NEH! It was so early in the morning and I was so blur. The idiot asked me to accept his webcam invitation and I did, and BOOMZ! A hard on appeared on my screen! Asshole really. Grrrr. Moving on!

Anyway! Again some pictures to show you guys with Mr T and moi. Skating AGAIN at East Coast Park a few weeks back. See weekends are so awesome. I get to feel the sun on my skin and the wind in my hair. <3. :) And I get to pig out tremendously during the weekends. YESSAAAA!

Ps: Cant do a LJ cut and I dont know why. Think this laptop at work sucks. Oh yes, im bloggin at work. Haha.

Left: Sucking in for no reason.
Right: Whatcha looking at?

Jelly ice cream is love! ECP is a rip off because they sell ONE ice cream for $1.40 whereas elsewhere, it only sells for 60 cents!

Yayyyy! :)

Stupid faces continues.

He always does his pumping when we're there. In skates!

Still working out. Gah.


Sucking in too. Dont know what this monster was doing. LOL.

:) <3!

I look super CUI without my make up man. :(

Idiot paparazzi!

I loveeee you!

Went to Suntec an tried out HUGE shoes on myself. Cool right! :)

Made dinner for ourselves at his place. Toasted bread, hot dogs, fish fingers and luncheon meat. Soup included! Yummy!

The sky's soooooooooo blue. :)



Thats all folks! :)